Are You A Hard-Working, People-Pleaser Who Needs To Start Setting Boundaries At Work?

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You grew up in a family where you were the high-achieving people-pleaser. Your parents expected great things from you and you’ve worked hard to deliver that success. 

At work, you push yourself to keep everyone around you happy with you.

You’re the smiley one. The nice one. The one who gets things done, no matter what it takes. 

Working till 10:00 pm, overdelivering for clients, getting paid less than what you’re say ‘yes’ to these things because the last thing you want, is to be judged or criticised for not being ‘good enough.’

But all this people-pleasing and high-achieving is taking its toll. 

You’re up at 3:00 am stressing about work, worrying you’re not doing enough, worrying that others are thinking the same. 

You’re pushing yourself to complete every task you’ve said ‘yes’ to, even if that means you’re not connecting fully with your kids, snappy at your partner, neglecting your health, or throwing away your other passions. 

You know you need to say ‘no’ at work, but you're scared it will lead to judgement, attack, or career damage.

You know you can’t keep grinding, but you don't know how else to manage the weight of expectation on your shoulders.

You know you’ve got to find a way to feel confident, calm, and get paid what your worth, but you're terrified of having those conversations.

If you were a fly on the wall of my Clinical Psychology office, you'd hear the exact same things, said by womxn just like you. 

This is what I tell them and I want to say it to you, right now:

There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just stuck in a stress cycle. And we can get you out, using neuroscience and psychology. 

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 "I don’t have enough adjectives. It’s just been such a profound transformation. I increased my prices and added a new highly profitable offer - which I was too scared to do before working with Talya. No amount of books I’ve read have been able to get me here. I’m excited for the person I can be now."
Sarah Cohen, The Styling Advisory.

Clinical Psychology Is Unique, As It Addresses 3 Underlying Causes Keeping You Stuck In Stress & Overwhelm At Work:

Repattern Your Nervous System

Stop the grinding & procrastination driving your stress and learn how to flourish at work from your highest brain. Based on Polyvagal Theory.

Confident Communication

Learn how to say 'no' & have difficult conversations without the stressful conflict & inner turmoil. Based on Relational Psychology.

Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Rewrite the old stories that keep you playing small, undercharging & questioning yourself. Based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Free Training:

"How To Say 'No' At Work, Without The Career Damage & Confrontation." 

You need to start saying 'no' at work, but you're worried that if you do, your boss, colleagues, or clients will think you’re not committed, incompetent, mean, disappointing or worthy of the money you get paid.

Download this audio training now and find out 3 Psychological keys to saying ‘no’ without the fear of ‘getting into trouble,’ or hurting your professional relationships or career.

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Hi, I'm Talya Rabinovitz, Clinical Psychologist for womxn who want to stop the stress & overwhelm at work.

I know what it takes to get off that hampster wheel because I've done it myself. 

I’m here specifically for womxn who want to stop the stress and overwhelm at work, that makes you want to throw in the towel and get on a plane to Mexico.  

In addition to running a booked-out private practice in Sydney, I’ve consulted on projects for brands including Coke, Breville, Uncle Toby’s, Pernod Ricard, and Lion.

I’ve worked as a group & individual therapist and delivered programs and workshops in the public, private and corporate sectors. 

I’m here to give you what I know works, not just as a Clinical Psychologist, but as a recovered hyperstriver and people-pleaser myself.


"The Best Gift I Could Have Given My Business."

"I feel like a fresh wind has swept through my whole body. I have a completely new perspective on my business. I’ve solidified my long-term goal and each day I’m taking steps towards making that my reality."

Jaq Bryan, Debt Unlock.

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The Method Training Program 

This is an application-only program designed with the highest quality evidence-based psychological tools, specifically for hard-working, people-pleasing womxn who want to remove stress & overwhelm at work.

We teach you how to: 

Say 'no' at work without the fear of judgment, career harm or paralysing feelings of guilt and worry.

Escape the grinding and procrastinating that stops you from growing an enjoyable career or business from your genius zone.

Overcome the imposter syndrome that keeps you stuck in self-doubt, under-charging, and doing work that burns you out.

The Method is 4-step-process, that integrates cutting-edge research on the nervous system (Polyvagal Theory) with evidence-based therapies, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. It's designed to give you the essential psychology you need to remove stress & overwhelm at work, without needing to spend years in therapy. 

You can apply for The Method Training Program at any time, by clicking below.


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Clinical Psychology utilises the best scientific research to give you tools proven to effectively reduce overwhelm and stress at work. 

This not only keeps you safe; it maximises the likelihood that your investment will reap excellent results.

"No more fear of failure and no more hiding in the shadows for me!"

"Talya's training had an enormous impact on my business. Both in how I see my business & how I show up in it. I now love it so much more. I always felt 100% supported by Tayla - I feel incredibly lucky to have found her."

Cynthia White, Indiskin

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