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As a Clinical Psychologist, I'm required to assess whether The Method Training Program is best suited to your needs. Only applicants who meet the following criteria will progress to the next stage of assessment. If it's not the best option for you, I will provide a more suitable recommendation below. 


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The Method Training Program May Be Suitable For You If: 


Struggle to say ‘no’ at work, for fear that it will harm your career or professional relationships or lead to others seeing you as “lazy, incompetent, disappointing or mean.”

Want to increase your salary or fees but worry about backlash or judgment from clients, colleagues or prospective employers. 

Want to be able to have difficult conversations without the inner turmoil and risk of stressful confrontation.

Feel that imposter syndrome is stopping you from being successful.

Get stuck in procrastinating and don’t take action on your most important vision/goals. 

Feel the pressure to grind/overachieve, despite the negative effect this has on your health, emotional wellbeing, income or relationships.

Are not currently experiencing psychological distress that stops you from being able to function in your everyday life. 


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This Program Is Not Suitable For Womxn Who: 


Are currently experiencing depression, clinical anxiety, substance use issues, eating disorders, complex trauma, or any other emotional challenge that is stopping you from functioning in your life.

Please note, if you are nodding to any of the above, the best thing to do is reach out to your GP and make an appointment. These issues can most definitely be successfully treated, but tend to require intensive psychological intervention.

Are happy to keep functioning at their current level of stress and overwhelm at work. 

"Ok, I think this might be right for me. Now what?"


First, fill out the application form below. This will give me a quick snapshot of where you're stuck and if I might be able to help.

If I don't think my Training Program is best for you, I'll politely let you know. 

If it looks like we might be a good fit, we'll tee up a time to chat, to determine if that is the case.

If we are a match, you'll be invited to join the program. If not, I'll be sure to point you in the right direction.

Please note...whilst The Method Training Program isn’t a health service, as a Clinical Psychologist, I am still obliged to act in the best interests of anyone who presents for help - and happily do so, in accordance with AHPRA regulations.

This means entrance into the program is carefully assessed and only offered when deemed 100% suitable for you.

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